Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming in Shoreview & St. Paul, MN

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When you want to keep your trees healthy, or need to have dangerous overhanging branches trimmed, call Morgan’s Tree Service to keep your trees maintained. We prune trees using the latest technology under ISA and ANSI standards. Our priority is keeping your trees stable and healthy, unless damage or age signals potential dangers and they need to be removed.

Having dead branches removed and healthy limbs pruned will promote the overall health of your trees. All pruning is done via unaided climbing, so you won’t have to worry about spikes harming your trees. Call 651-210-5118 today to schedule tree pruning in Shoreview or St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding area.

5 signs it’s time to have a tree trimmed in the St. Paul, MN area

5 signs it’s time to have a tree trimmed in the St. Paul, MN area

Cutting back limbs promotes structural integrity and prevents potentially dangerous situations. There are various times you should consider having your trees trimmed, including when:

  1. Branches come too close to power lines
  2. Branches come too close to or are touching your home
  3. Branches are dead or hanging
  4. Your trees haven’t been trimmed in a few years
  5. You want to increase your home’s curb appeal
Discover the benefits of having your trees trimmed by contacting the certified arborists at Morgan’s Tree Service today, serving Shoreview & St. Paul, MN.