Tree Removal in Shoreview & St. Paul, MN

Trust Morgan’s Tree Service for tree removal & stump grinding

Due to age, disease or weather damage, you may need to have a tree removed. The team at Morgan’s Tree Service will rid your landscape of any unwanted trees with minimal impact on your yard. We will remove dangerous or hazardous trees before they can do further damage to your property. If you need tree removal services in Shoreview or St. Paul, MN, give us a call today.

If a storm has left your tree weak or created a potential falling hazard, we’re here to help. We also handle stump grinding when necessary. Contact Morgan’s Tree Service in the Shoreview & St. Paul, MN areas today to schedule tree removal at your property.

3 good reasons for stump grinding

3 good reasons for stump grinding

After a tree has fallen or been removed, you’ll have to decide whether to leave the unsightly stump in place or hire a professional to take care of the stump removal. If a stump adds stability or a decorative quality to your yard, it might be worth leaving. But there are a number of reasons to have a stump removed, including:

  1. A desire to landscape the area where the stump resides
  2. Removing the stump would help with drainage
  3. Rotting wood attracts termites
If the stump is low to the ground, Morgan’s Tree Service will handle stump grinding and removal. A larger stump may have to be trimmed first. Call 651-210-5118 when you need a stump removed in the Shoreview & St. Paul, MN area.