We Treat the Forest for the Trees

Hire certified arborists serving Shoreview, MN, St.Paul, MN, Mendota, MN and the surrounding area

It's OK if you feel uncomfortable using a chainsaw. Don't worry if a tall tree is leaning over your home or has damaged branches. When you need professional tree care, don't hesitate to call Morgan's Tree Service for a range of services, including:

Our certified arborists will let you know what needs to be done to maintain the health of your property's trees and plants. Contact Morgan's Tree Service to get the help you need today in the St.Paul and Minneapolis area.

Offering reliable tree healthcare for more than 15 years

Morgan's Tree Service has been serving the Minneapolis area since 2002. We have two certified arborists on staff. We focus on keeping your trees healthy and ridding your property of dangerous trees and branches.

When you're unsure about the treatments or services you might need, have your property's plants and trees evaluated by local experts. You'll learn how to maintain their health and find out what might benefit from pruning or removal. Discover the status of your property's greenery by contacting Morgan's Tree Service today.

5 reasons to call a professional for tree services

Did a recent storm leave your property in rough shape? Do you have a tall tree that needs to be trimmed? There are a range of issues that require the expertise of a certified arborist, such as:

  1. Your trees exhibit health problems
  2. Your trees are close to your home or power lines
  3. Your trees were damaged by a storm
  4. Your trees need to be evaluated for safety
  5. Your trees need to be removed

Leave the difficult and dangerous work to the tree care specialists. Call 651-210-5118 today for dependable and certified tree services in Shoreview, MN, St. Paul, Mendota, MN and the surrounding area.

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